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Quality of Water for Quality of Life

Water is vital for life. Clean water is vital for health. The quality of clean water affects our comfort and quality of life.

You never know when you might need stored water, be it for drinking or washing. Even in today’s modern first world countries, situations happen without any notice that send everyone to scouring the stores for bottles of water.

Unless they already have it stored up.

In the summer of 2022, my sister ran into such a situation in Southern Oregon. One might think this was because she lived in a more rural area. Not so.

She lived in Medford, the largest city on that end of the state. In fact, it’s one of the 10 most populated cities in Oregon. Since three of the cities with higher populations are actually suburbs of Portland, one could argue that Medford is one of the top 5 most populated urban areas of the state. It’s a place where one would expect to be able to rely on the city water system outside of a disaster situation.

All of my sister’s friends and neighbors complained about the water tasting funny. Some said it tasted like grass or plants. Others said it tasted like algae. Still others complained that it was like river water or wet pebbles. You can read more about it in this article.

You’ll notice in the article that people were complaining about not even being able to drink their coffee or use their filters, even though the commission swore the water was safe to drink. My sister didn’t have this problem.

Why? Because she’s been refilling empty juice bottles with tap water for months. She didn’t have to run to the store and brave the crowds for the last bottle on the shelf. She didn’t have to go out in the 100-degree temperatures of the current heat wave to find water. Her family was fine because she had prepared ahead of time.

Refilling juice bottles aren’t the only method she could have used for storing water. It was simply the most expedient for her at the time. There are lots of different ways to stock up for future use.

The youtube channel Provident Prepper just released a video covering this topic. It’s filled to the brim with information and definitely worth checking out if you have any questions on how you can do this for yourself and your family.

Use my sister’s situation as an example for your own family. After you watch the video, think about which method is easiest and will work best for you. Then act.

What can you do today, this very hour, in regard to putting up some water for later use? Do you have any juice or soda bottles you were thinking of recycling? Instead, wash them out and fill them with water. Are you at the store and can spare a couple of dollars? Buy an extra gallon jug of water and put it away for the future.

Then, if the water commission in your city swears the water is drinkable when it smells like algae or tastes like a river, you don’t have to worry about fighting crowds to find a few drops. Like my sister, you’ll already have some. Comment below to let others know what method you used and how it works for you.

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