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About Rebekah Olson

Rebekah has always had a love for stories, even from a very young age. Before she could read, she depended on other people to supply these stories she found so vital to life. She tried filling pages with squiggles that looked exactly what other people did when they were writing. Unfortunately, all big people in her life refused to tell her what she had written, even being so ridiculous as to claim the pages said nothing. So those stories are lost forever in time.

Fortunately, Rebekah learned to read. As soon as she figured out how to supply herself with stories in first grade, she brought home her learning book every evening from school. Within weeks, she had gone through every story lesson in the book, and the teacher (who had tried telling her parents she was stupid) was forced to move her up to the advanced reading level.

At the age of ten, Rebekah met her adult cousin Kathy for the first time. Since Kathy lent her ear, Rebekah talked it off describing how great stories were and how much she loved reading. Kathy graciously handed Rebekah her only copy of The Hobbit and said, “Here, try this one.”

Rebekah fell down the rabbit hole of fantasy novels.

She’s been down there exploring ever since, with no desire to find her way back out.

(Needless to say, Cousin Kathy is promised a free copy of every fantasy novel Rebekah publishes, now and forevermore.)

As Rebekah studied more and more about novels and story structure, she her love deepened. Throughout the thick and thin of life, the pains and joys that pull her away, she always returns to stories. She has studied under Shawn Coyne, the creator of Story Grid. She has won NaNoWriMo for several consecutive years. She participated successfully in the 100 Day Book program through Joe Bunting’s Write Practice, and went on from there to subcontract through them to help other authors struggling to do the same. She now facilitates a cohort of writers through Brad Pauquette’s Writers Company (formerly School of Kingdom Writers).

Disappointed by the faltering quality in modern storytelling, finding it shallow and agenda driven, Rebekah is on a mission to help authors get good stories out to the public. She has the qualifications and experience to help authors with the skill of writing. She has certified as a God Talks coach under Ed Rush to help authors get past mental blocks that authors commonly struggle with. She has plans for continuing her studies in other areas specific to story crafting skills as well. If you want to know more about that, simply ask through the contact page, and set up a meeting at the same time to see if Rebekah is the right fit to help you craft your own stories.