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Jerryck has magic ‘accidents’

As dangerous as that is, because of it he never submitted to the authorities that regulate the use of magic spells. If they ever found out, they would not only kill him, but likely also his wife, his sister, and her four children.

Being the King of Brend’s Court Magician makes it difficult to keep a low profile. Even more so when an unfamiliar magician unleashes hostile spells on the kingdom. Searching for that enemy will take him away from the very people he seeks to protect. Leaving the search to others will only allow more destruction.

Come read Spell Caster today, the magical companion book to Portal Traveler and see the world from a completely different perspective.

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Adam just wants the killing to stop.

German WWII interpreter Adam Weiss has been sent through a magic portal to an alternate world very reminiscent of Earth. He’s been told the operation is to procure supplies to fuel the war machine. But the facts don’t add up, and only those in Command know the true mission.

Adam’s job is not to question. If he does, his family could be killed back at home. But if he simply obeys, the war could spill over into this new world and kill a lot of innocent people.

How does one decide between family and innocents? Pick up Portal Traveler and see how Adam picks his way through this minefield of dangerous decisions.

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Short Stories by Rebekah Olson in Anthologies

Every story has a lesson…

People constantly learn throughout their lives. It creates history. It defines the future.

Is the grass greener on the other side? Do the ends justify the means?

Eleven authors have come together to bring you tales of adventure and romance, loss and gain, family, friends, and everything in between. From arranged marriages to dates in haunted houses to androids infused with human memories. Fairy tales, dystopians, apocalyptic worlds.

…Every lesson has a story.

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Getting to the Heart of Story

Every story has a moment we’re waiting for—a climactic scene that sends an electric pulse of emotion through us—a moment of catharsis. In the Story Grid Universe, we’ve analyzed hundreds of stories looking for the source of that electricity. And now we’ve gotten to the heart of the matter in what we’re calling the Four Core Framework: A core need satisfied or denied through the change of a core value in a core event that elicits a core emotion.
In this collection of twelve original works of fiction—one for each of our twelve story genres—we showcase the core events that make an audience gasp, sigh, or cry when they experience the emotional release they seek.
This anthology was written and edited by intrepid members of our Story Grid community inspired by the core events of masterworks in each genre. We hope it will encourage writers to explore new ways to improve their craft and captivate readers.

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Recommended reading by other Authors

Shiva was not a revolutionary; she was a normal dog with a loving master, happily living her life as a beloved pet.

But, when a mysterious woman kidnaps her, and mutates her into a demi-wolf – half human, half wolf – Shiva’s life is turned upside down.

Alongside other demi-wolves, Shiva now finds herself thrust in a war; a war where her once beloved humans now hate her, monstrous dragons seek her annihilation, and she holds the demi-wolves’ last hope for victory.

Confused, scared and with a magic she barely understands as her only defense, Shiva must risk it all to discover the truth of what happened, and either find a way back to her master, or find her place in a world gone mad.

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For other books in this series, check out John N King’s author page on Amazon

Sheadon was a priest, and then the goddess he served killed him, or so he thought. He wakes up years later with no memory of who he is or what happened, just with the fact that he lost time, and a lot of it.

Nhara is a Daughter of Stone. A powerful mage, on a quest to find a cure for her sister. She’s sent out on a pilgrimage to complete a rite of passage, but everything goes wrong. In the end she finds a young man, with no memory, but he holds magic that may be the key to what she has been seeking.

Astrid and Landon are Chroniclers, priests who serve the gods. Dispatched by their order after a new Celestial Artifact was sensed. They are on a mission, to retrieve the artifact before anyone else. However other factions have begun to move as well, seeking to find the power many thought lost.

The gods and mortals have begun to move as an old power is born anew. Fate has cast her dice, and the battle for an ancient power thought lost has begun again.

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